About Our Products

RCG’s unique vendor relationships allow us to be a complete resource for the Federal agency’s procurement. RCG is a reputable federal government contractor with over 10 years of experience in the federal contracting environment.

As an awardee of numerous federal contracts spanning multiple industries, RCG is able to provide its federal customers with a comprehensive selection of products and services.

Our customer service and support teams take pride in their high-level care of our customers while our team of engineers ensures that our technology and procurement systems are pushing the boundaries of speed and innovation, adding even more value to the customer experience. When you contract with RCG, you will achieve Mission Accomplished faster and better than ever.

Over 10 years of experience in the federal contracting environment.


RCG provides a wide range of high-quality supplies and equipment. Providing solutions for our customers, while working together with our valued suppliers. The following information breaks down RCG distribution of healthcare-related supplies and equipment by category.

Office Supplies and Equipment

Environmental Products and Services

Kitting Services

Medical Gas Products and Equipment

Food Service Supplies & Equipment